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Quality, Style, Comfort

You have reached that special time in life where quality, style, comfort, and service, are paramount. That is why you will find Todd Albert Construction your reliable partner as you embark on new and exciting adventures in living. Our private, family-owned, company has almost a quarter-century of experience in satisfying client needs and budgets.

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Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is simple. We will personally design and build your new home, or transform an existing property with upgrades, modernizations, expansion, repairs, maintenance, painting, or reconfiguration, in a manner and style that fulfills or exceeds your expectations. It is this personal touch and hands-on craftsmanship that has earned Todd Albert Construction a reputation for exemplary performance.

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Todd Albert Construction has a thorough understanding of all facets of the building trades, which ensures that your most valuable asset is in caring and professional hands every step of the way. Our work stands on its own for quality and durability. Our exquisite craftsmanship and acute attention to detail provide all our clients with a product that provides years of lasting value.

Our Work is Professional and Guaranteed.

Our best resource for new business comes via referrals from our customers – homeowners, business executives, and Realtors® who have worked with us in the past. Please review the testimonials on this site for typical customer endorsements.

A Personal Call Begins it All.

With our in-house design and engineering team we can streamline your project. To begin the planning of your new boat house or dock project make a personal call to Todd Richendollar, owner and operator. Todd is available at 503-701-2488 or he may be contacted via e-mail at You will find Todd is a great partner and a specialist in bringing dreams to fruition and transforming visions into reality.